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Welcome to Universal Air Academy. "Word-of-Mouth" is how we've been in the business for over 20 year. Valuable flight training is based on one-on-one instruction. The relationship between our staff and customers, or student and instructor is important.

When you visit us, we will take you around the flight school and even to our fleet of over 15 aircraft.You can sit inside and evne experince a flight in one of the aircraft! What the student experiences gets passed on to a family member or a friend. That's usually what gets people into Aviation.

Aviation industry is unique. Especially, flight schools. We have "future pilots" walk–in through our doors as young as "6 months old!"; high school students gathering information to seek career in aviation. Customers of all ages making a dream come true. During this process, we are exposed to "good–old technology" such as simply just looking up into the sky, reading maps, taking notes with a piece of paper and pencil, or talking on a radio. We are also exposed to new high technology such as computers and internet, or Global Positioning Systems and glass-cockpits.

Have you gone to airshows? Hearing and seeing aircraft fly is exciting. Imagine yourself getting involved in actually flying. It's really exciting! Life is about flying. It makes you feel younger! As long as there are people that want to feel "young", we'll be here.


The "value" of the training at Universal Air Academy is by far, number one. We have customers from all over the Los Angeles Area that learn how to fly through Universal Air Academy. I recall we had one customer that lived in San Diego, which is a three hour drive from us, drive up hereto get helicopter training because it was worth the cost. We also have International cusomters that come from all over the world. Imagine the opportunities that open up once you get a pilot certificate?

We have a fleet of aircraft, including both airplanes and helicopters, available for our students and customers. We have expanded our operation over the past 20 years to two location in the Los Angeles Basin and we will be expanding even more.

Today, we have pilots taking our training courses with our professionally trained instructors that are passing checkrides and reaching their goals in aviation.

There are over 30 airports within 100 miles of El Monte Airport. You might not notice it, but there might be an airport very close to where you live. The aviation industry provides employment in various ways. Gas stations for aircraft, airport services, aircraft maintenance, selling parts, flight training and pilots.


Our job is to provide training for both new and old pilots, so they can use their pilot certificates in the field they need it for; whether it's for professional use or for a hobby.

Professionally, our graduates got hired at Skywest Airlines, Pinnacle Airlines, ExpressJet, United Airlines, Egypt Air, FedEx, Delta Air Lines, Hawaiian Airlines, Polar Air Cargo, Helinet Aviation, PHI, Papillon, Island Express, El Monte PD, LAPD and many other companies all over the world. And every graduate is involved in the general aviation industry.

We provide "training" to become a safe pilot. The use of FAA approved flight training syllabus are our standard. Training is sometimes fun and sometimes hard. It requires a lot of studying. Pilot training also requires "being of good moral character" as stated in the Federal Aviation Regulations.

We look after each pilot that trains here at Universal Air Academy. We will guide our customers to be a pilot with professional instructors and affordable training cost for everyone that dreams to FLY!

by Universal Air Academy

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UAA: Flight School UAA: Flight School
UAA: Flight School UAA: Flight School

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